Facebook Cryptocurrency Coming Soon


According to a news media, the biggest social media website on the planet, Facebook is about to start and launch it’s own cryptocurrency. It will be mainly focused on payments o the social media platform.

It is in top 3 of most popular sites on the globe and it has about two billion users. Facebook has been in the media lately for many reasons; starting with the Cambridge Analytica concerns to ICO advertisement banning and now and cryptocurrency.

“According to sources, Facebook is extremely interested in creating their own digital token, allowing more than 2 billion users to facilitate transactions without using national currency. Also, Facebook will consider other ways that are possible for implementation based on blockchain technology”

— reporter Alex Heath publication Cheddar.

But this is not all, according to the news report, it will also use the Blockchain technology, which is responsible for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Recode was the first to report on Facebook’s Blockchain technology developments and is being led by David Marcus.

The social media giant, Facebook, will join other companies and individuals worldwide in accepting Blockchain tech, as a real solution to our world problems. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), global spending is about to reach $2.1 billion in 2018, which is an incredible number compared to the $945 million from 2017.

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