How To Monitor Your Mining Rig with EthMonitoring


The profit and revenue of your mining rig, depend on how efficiently your mining rigs are utilized. It’s very important to monitor all of your rigs 24//7 to ensure optimal performance. It doesn’t matter if you have a smaller rig, a couple of rigs or even a dedicated mining farm. Mining rigs can be a hassle if you have a large amount, thus it makes it harder to monitor them. But we have a solution for you.

EthMonitoring and EthControl

There are two programs that can help you monitor your rigs efficiently. These are run by the same app:

  • EthMonitoring – stable monitoring

It is compatible with softwares like EthMinter, CCMiner, Claymore Dual miner, and more. It can provide strong and superior reliability when it comes to monitoring the performance of your mining rigs. But that’s not all. You will receive instant notifications about the mining rigs health status, overviews, rig rebooter, monitor your estimated daily profits, and more.

  • EthControl – active portfolio management


EthControl features:

  • Runs on both Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Remotely deploy new mining software like CCMiner, Claymore, EWBF and more..
  • Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited
  • nVidia OC profiles with power limits and fan curves
  • AMD OC profiles with fan curves and voltage editing
  • Remote access to software console output
  • EthMonitoring Rig Rebooter fully supported
  • Remote start/stop of the mining software


ehtmonitor miner

If you don’t quite like reading, here is a quick video on how to set it up:

It’s time for the small guide on how to monitor your rig. Scroll and read from below.

Step 1: Register on

ethmonitor registration

Step 2: Setting up EthMonitoring for your rigs

Download EthMonitoring from GitHub

Download and install .NET Framework 4.6.1 on your Windows machine if you didn’t already.

Step 3: Install

Run EthMonitoring.exe after you unzip the file.

install ethmonitor

Step 4: Setup

Next you will see:

  • Access token
  • Host, Name
  • Typ
  • Password

For Access token field you need to add your code from “Account” page, found on

ethmonitoring access token and details

After you add the access token you can add your rig for monitoring.

Step 5: Adding mining rigs

ethmonitoring add mining rig

On their website you can see under “Miners” – your mining rig.

ethmonitoring miner added.jpg


  • Claymore miners need to have added in startup “-mport 3333” in .bat file
  • EWBF needs to have –api command line parameter added to enable API access
  • CCMiner-Alexis 1.0 needs to have –api-bind= parameter in the command line for API access

Setting notifications for your miners

1: Select the mining rig

ethmonitoring mining rig notification

2: Create the notification

You can create notifications, like:

  • high temperature for GPU
  • hashrate below required

and more.

Notifications will be delivered by Telegram, SMS or Push notification.

ethmonitoring notification

The mining rig monitoring mobile app

  • Step 1: Getting the right app
    EthMonitoring app is available on both operating system Android and iOS.
  • Step 2: Logging in
    After starting app you need to insert your same username and password when registering on EthMonitoring site.
  • Step 3: Miners overview page
    When you have more than one rig listed for monitoring, your mobile app will display and overview of all your rigs.

miners app screenshot

  • Step 4: Viewing miner info and modifying notifications
    To view individual miner information, you can use top right menu button to select miner.

select miner

  • After selecting you well get personal miner view.


That's all folks!


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